About Guča Trumpet Festival

The Trumpet Festival in Guča, a town in western Serbia is the largest trumpet festival in the world, ranking third in the category of traditional festivals, after the festival in Rio de Janeiro and the Oktoberfest in Munich. For half a century now, the town of Guča, nestling under the slopes of the Jelica mountain has been recognized as the world capital of the trumpet, the only venue where the trumpet is played completely by the ear, from the bottom of the heart and soul. Every August, the small town of about two thousand inhabitants becomes home to almost a million visitors coming from all over Serbia and the world. Owing to the Festival, Guča has gained worldwide fame as the venue of the largest trumpet-playing festival on the planet, and a place to experience other traditional values incorporated in the traditional songs, dances and costumes from the region of Dragačevo and Western Serbia. For the local population of Dragačevo, the Trumpet Festival is much more than a tourist event. It is an opportunity to host old and new friends, to show their hospitality and capability. Good food is generously cooked and offered, old recipes are tested, hand-made items of the Dragačevo weavers are displayed alongside the paintings made by naïve artists. The visitors enjoy the traditional multi-disciplinary contest of young men, especially the stone-throwing competition. Other events include the beauty contest and the best presenter of traditional toasts. The Dragačevo Wedding and its traditional customs have been part of the programme for years, and the hectic atmosphere of the fair is often a trigger for the young partners to make a decision and enter a formal marriage here, at the Festival. Owing to the magic powers of the trumpet, sadness and bad mood disappear during the Festival, and that is why the local residents of Guča like to say ‘let the trumpet play, may it play forever’.