Traditional Dragačevo Wedding

Apart from the competition of trumpet orchestras in the Festival, the most prominent position among the events belongs to the Traditional Dragačevo Wedding, a highly original performance which has attracted undivided attention of the Festival visitors since the very beginning. The bride appears clad in the traditional folk costume, decorated with flowers, mirrors and peacock feathers, accompanied by the brother-in-law. The flag-bearer proceeds ahead of the wedding suite, announcing their arrival. In the meantime, sons-in-low make jokes and hurry to be the first ones to bring the good news, hoping to receive some gratification. While sisters-in-law sing, the mother-in-law awaits to greet the daughter-in-law. While the bride is still astride, her mother-in-law will raise a male child to sit in her lap. This child will be the first one to be given gifts by the bride arriving in her new home and his popular name ‘the horse child’ is derived from the custom itself. The bride takes a sieve, throwing the grains out of it – first in the direction of the sun, and then at four different sides of the world. She now proceeds to throw an apple studded with metal coins over her head, at the party of wedding guests, where the boys and girls will compete to catch it. Eventually, the bride will throw the sieve onto the house roof, to make sure that she will stay in her new home forever.

The bride’s brother will come to his sister’s new home, without saying a word. After he has placed a wicker basket with needles and thread in her lap, he will say the ceremonial pledge:

"Dear sister,

Listen to your father- and mother-in-law

Like you listened to your own father and mother.

Listen to your brothers-in-law

Like you listened to your own brothers!

Let your brothers-in-law be your true brothers and your sisters-in-law your true sisters,

Let the other brides in your new house be your best friends"